Charlize Theron

The actress Charlize Theron, starring in Atomic Blonde (screened tonight in the Piazza Grande), talks about her character: “I wanted to show how hard it is for women like Lorraine to share intimacy with other people, because they live in a world that’s surrounded by secrets and to be vulnerable is one of the most dangerous things that you can be.”

Jean-Marie Straub

The Catalan filmmaker Albert Serra (Pardo d’oro 2015) introducing the Pardo d’onore Manor Jean-Marie Straub: “What would be best for mankind? That every cinema in the world shows a film by Steven Spielberg, or Straub? Which of the two would give the human race greater happiness? Why, clearly Straub’s film, we all agree!”

Gotthard – One Life, One Soul

More than a documentary about the music of the rock band, Gotthard – One Life, One Soul is the story of a friendship held together tightly between people who, through music, chased a dream, and then stomped and thundered this same dream on stages throughout the world. The film will be screened tomorrow, Saturday (August 12), at 9 pm in the Piazza Grande.

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