Todd Haynes

The Pardo d’onore Manor Todd Haynes about indipendence in the world of filmmaking: “Independence is really about the ways we keep pushing against the boundaries of what the medium prescribes and hopefully, in doing so, keep the medium alive. When you’re questioning conventions, things don’t get stuck, and that’s what keeps creative experiences vital, even in the best forms of popular entertainment.”

V for Vincent and Vanessa

Vanessa Paradis, starring in Chien (screened in the Piazza Grande), talks about the differences between her career as actress and singer: “Both are based on instinct: when you are preparing a role you are studying and reading a lot, but on the set you have to live and interact with other actors. They have their own voices, you have to play with them and here’s a parallel with music: you have to tune in on their vibes and they have to do the same with you.”

Miguel Gomes

Miguel Gomes, member of the Concorso internazionale jury: “One of the moments I love the most as a spectator is the beginning of a movie, when everything seems to still be possible, everything is open and in motion. And there are movies in which, between the beginning and the end, it is evident that there had been movement, a search. I hope to find this breath in the selected films at Locarno.”

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