Francesca Comencini

Francesca Comencini, director of Amori che non sanno stare al mondo (screened in the Piazza Grande): “In this film there is a dual nature, that weighs on the characters’ shoulders: on the one hand there is the experience of pain, on the other a joy of living that despite everything remains unstoppable.”

Tommy Wirkola

Tommy Wirkola on his What Happened to Monday? (Piazza Grande): “Hopefully this is an entertaining movie at first, but also we did some research about how fast the world population is growing and it is scary. It is something we should be talking more about; face it.”

La Femme canon

The Locarno Festival is going to host on Monday, August 7 at 14.00 (La Sala) the first screening of La Femme canon, produced by Claude Barras’ crew (Ma Vie de Courgette). This short movie, showing the life of Madeleine (the human cannon-ball), was selected in the Pardi di domani section.


Paolo Cagnotto mentre intervista la regista Comencini

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