Fanny Ardant

Fanny Ardant on Lola Pater, the film screened on the Piazza Grande: “It is not something about transexuality, the message is: you have only one life – live it. Facing pain and obstacles, but as you like it.”

Denis Côté

Listen to Denis Côté, director of Ta Peau si lisse (Concorso internazionale): “I don’t want to say a cliché but I will have to. Locarno Festival is like coming back home, somehow. I feel no pressure. I know my cinema is well understood and welcomed here in Ticino.”

John Carroll Lynch

Lynch (John Carroll) directing Lynch (David) in Lucky (Concorso internazionale): “While he was busy with Twin Peaks, he found time to read the script. He came so beautifully prepared, his Howard was three dimensional and just what the film needed.”

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